Need Dry Ice?

Sunbelt Ice now offers dry ice available at our plant:

Sunbelt Ice Plant
2502 N. General Bruce Dr.
Temple, Texas
(254) 778-5970

We currently offer 11-pound blocks, and have access to dry ice in other forms, available to order. Need more information? Please contact us

How can you use dry ice?

For Freezing:

Place dry ice on top of food items to be frozen. If freezing fish or meat, do not allow direct contact, as superficial freezer-burn damage may result.

For Cooling:

Place dry ice in bottom of cooler, cover with wet ice or insulating material, then place food/cans, etc on top. Do not allow direct contact with dry ice. Cooler can remain cold for up to 3-4 days.

Cool your punch bowl and other beverages, adding carbonation and avoiding the diluting effects of regular ice. Avoid direct contact of dry ice on crystal, glass or plastic, as the extreme cold can cause them to crack in certain situations.

For Special Effects:

Use gloves to place small amounts of dry ice in hot water for a fog effect. Use approximately 15 lbs per hour.

Other Uses:

  • Fresh Meat Processing and Shipping
  • Deflashing molded rubber and plastic
  • Low Temperature Testing
  • Industrial Cleaning (Dry Ice Pellet Blasting)
  • Freeze Branding
  • Carbonating Beverages
  • Shrink Fitting
  • Water Well Treating
  • Inserting & purging

Do you have a unique application for dry ice? Contact us